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  1. Fast Start Booklet (5 pack)

    Fast Start Booklet (5 pack)

    This is a very important tool for a new distributor to have in their hand in the first weeks of business.
  2. Business Briefing

    Business Briefing

    The new Business presentation is called a Business Briefing (BB). This BB is a 5 point presentation designed to tell the story that will get Nu Skin from 3 -10 Billion in 7 years. It is so simple that anyone can learn it and have fun presenting it.
  3. Product Briefing

    Product Briefing


    This is a brand new presentation booklet that is an upgrade of several presentations in one. This briefing contains 5 chapters; each chapter has a specific purpose:

  4. BB Pad

    BB Pad

    The Business Building Pad (BB Pad) will help you close the deal after every presentation.
  5. Success Planner

    Success Planner

    The Success Planner is designed to help you become a Ruby Executive in Nu Skin in your first 4 months.
  6. BB Pocket

    BB Pocket

    BB pocket is a small version of a Business Briefing (Pack x 10).

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