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The Success Planner is designed to help you become an Ruby Partner in Nu Skin in your first 4 months

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The Success Planner is designed to help you become an Executive Brand Partner (Ruby Executive) in Nu Skin in your first 4 months. Becoming an Executive Brand Partner can change your life. Nu Skin statistics have proven that those who achieve Executive Brand Partner status experience further success in the Nu Skin compensation plan at much higher rates than those who do not. The Success Planner puts you on a path to Executive Brand Partner success right from your very 1st day.

This Planner will cover 120 days of your life. It will help to focus you on the DAILY activities you need to accomplish that will ensure you come out of the 120 Days as an Ruby Partner in Nu Skin. Once you do so you will receive Executive Brand Partner recognition at Corporate and OTG System 7 events. You will also earn a Success Trip. This event is a highlight in every Nu Skin leader’s life. The Journey to Ruby Partner is one of the most rewarding and challenging accomplishments you will ever achieve. Stay focused. Stay on task. Stay committed to this goal. You will be glad you did.

This Success Planner is a critical component of System7. In this journal you will write all of your goals, track your progress, and take notes on the most important parts of your experiences. Included in this journal are:

  • Core Leader habits
  • Definite Purpose
  • Statement Self
  • Confidence Formula
  • Goals section
  • Daily Commitments
  • Progress log
  • Meetings Notes
  • Planner
  • Inspirational quotes

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